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All libraries and collections1189
Sion/Sitten, Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv 5
Fribourg/Freiburg, Archives de l'Etat de Fribourg/Staatsarchiv Freiburg 13
Sion/Sitten, Archives de l'Etat du Valais/Staatsarchiv Wallis 1
Bern, Burgerbibliothek 31
Porrentruy, Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne 19
Fribourg/Freiburg, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire/Kantons- und Universitätsbibliothek 16
Lausanne, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne 4
Genève, Bibliothèque de Genève 48
Engelberg, Stiftsbibliothek 56
Sarnen, Benediktinerkollegium 10
Neuchâtel, Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel 7
Trogen, Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell Ausserrhoden 12
St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek 537
Dalpe, Archivio parrocchiale 1
Solothurn, Domschatz der St.-Ursen-Kathedrale 3
Schlatt, Eisenbibliothek 1
Fribourg/Freiburg, Couvent des Cordeliers/Franziskanerkloster 13
Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer 118
Flawil, Gemeinde Flawil 2
Wil, Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Katharina 12
Aarau, Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek 13
Frauenfeld, Kantonsbibliothek Thurgau 16
Sion/Sitten, Médiathèque du Valais 2
Orselina, Convento della Madonna del Sasso 4
Luzern, Provinzarchiv Schweizer Kapuziner Luzern 1
Aarau, Staatsarchiv Aargau 6
Beromünster, Stiftskirche St. Michael 4
Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek 68
Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek 16
Zürich, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum 5
St. Gallen, Stiftsarchiv (Abtei Pfäfers) 10
Bremgarten, Stadtarchiv Bremgarten 1
Sarnen, Staatsarchiv Obwalden 1
Schaffhausen, Staatsarchiv 5
Torre, Archivio parrocchiale 2
Basel, Universitätsbibliothek 15
Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum 14
St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung 18
Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek 10
Zürich, Zentralbibliothek 46
Luzern, Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek 15
Zofingen, Stadtbibliothek 2

Swiss Manuscripts Abroad

Country Location, Library Manuscripts
Germany Überlingen, Leopold-Sophien-Bibliothek 2
Austria St. Paul in Kärnten, Stiftsbibliothek St. Paul im Lavanttal 1

Dispersed Manuscript Parts Abroad

Country Location, Library Manuscripts
France Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France 1
United States of America Cleveland, The Cleveland Museum of Art 1
Russia St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia 1

Number of manuscripts: 3

Solothurn, Domschatz der St.-Ursen-Kathedrale, Cod. U 1

Parchment · 228 ff. · 26.0 x 20.0 cm · Reichenau · before 983

Hornbach Sacramentary

The Hornbach Sacramentary is an important work of Ottonian book decoration. It was made before 983 at Reichenau for the Benedictine Abbey of Hornbach (Palatinate). The manuscript is also called the "Eburnant-Codex" in honor of the scribe who wrote it. It was probably acquired by the Cathedral library at Solothurn in 1439. It is listed as item No. 38, Colleccionarius Antiquus, in the catalog of provost Felix Hemmerli. The political programme of Charlemagne included the standardization of religious life following the example of the Roman liturgy from the time of Pope Gregory the Great. To follow this practice, one used a "sacramentary" containing the prescribed prayers and mass texts. This version was replaced by the "missale curiae" in about 1220. (gra)

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Solothurn, Domschatz der St.-Ursen-Kathedrale, Cod. U 2

Parchment · 128 ff. · 27 x 18,5 cm · Upper Rhine (?) · 12th century

Silver Evangelary

The Silver Evangelary was produced during the12th century, probably in the Upper Rhine region. It was first listed in 1646 in the Inventarium Custodiae S. Ursi, p. 48, "Ein altes Evangelij Buoch, dessen Deckhel von Silber". The political programme of Charlemagne included the standardization of religious life following the example of the Roman liturgy in the time of Pope Gregory the Great. Under this regimen books containing transcriptions of the Gospelsdsssffddf, called "evangelaries", were produced. (gra)

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Solothurn, Domschatz der St.-Ursen-Kathedrale, Cod. U 3

Parchment · 274 ff. · 38.5 x 27 cm · Solothurn (?) · 1438/39

Spiegelberger Missal

This parchment manuscript produced in 1438/39 was commissioned by Solothurn mayor Henmann von Spiegelberg and his wife Margarethe von Spins as a Mass book for use on the St. George's altar in their chapel in the Cathedral of St. Ursen. The missal was probably produced in Solothurn. The Roman Missal (First printed in Milan in 1474 under the title Missale secundum consuetudinem Romane Curie still lacking the Rubricae generales and Ritus servandus) follows the Missale curiae, i.e., the Mass book created in about 1220 for the chapel of the papal palace. (gra)

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