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Médiathèque Valais
S 100
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Compendium statutorum generalis reformationis Sabaudiae [1430]
Paper · II + 216 ff. · 21 x 30 cm · Martigny (?) · ca. 1473
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Manuscript Summary
This manuscript from the library of Walter Supersaxo (ca. 1402-1482), Bishop of Sion, and of his son Georges (ca. 1450-1529), contains a compendium of the statutes of Savoy, a legal code issued in 1430 by Amadeus VIII, the first Duke of Savoy and the future antipope Felix V. The compendium was printed for the first time in 1477 in Turin by Johannes Fabri (Hain 14050, GW M43623). Until 1475, this region of the canton of Valais below the river Morge of Conthey was ruled by the Dukes of Savoy. This manuscript, S 100, can be compared with two other manuscripts from the Supersaxo library, namely with S 97bis (composite manuscript with the romance of Pontus and Sidonia) and S 99 (John Mandeville, Voyages). All three manuscripts were copied by Claude Grobanet, who was mentioned in a 1474 document in Martigny, where he served Antoine Grossi Du Châtelard, Lord of Isérables († 1495). In the beginning of the 16th century, the family of Antoine Du Châtelard apparently came into financial difficulties; their property - and probably the three manuscripts as well - then passed into the hands of Georges Supersaxo. (esc)
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10.5076/e-codices-mvs-S-0100 (
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Sion/Sitten, Médiathèque Valais, S 100: Compendium statutorum generalis reformationis Sabaudiae [1430] (
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15th century
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