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Location: Einsiedeln
Library / Collection: Stiftsbibliothek
Shelfmark: Codex 629(258)
Manuscript title: [Jacobus de Voragine] Legenda aurea sive lombardica
Caption: Parchment · 3 + 282 ff. · 30.5 x 21/21.5 cm · southern German region · 1288
Language: Latin
Manuscript summary: This manuscript containing the Legenda aurea by Jacobus de Voragine is the third-oldest manuscript copy of this work, written within the lifetime of the author; it is dated 1288. The codex also contains the first known transmission of the so-called Provincia or Purgatory addendum. The proposal by A. Bruckner that the Abbey of Rheinau is the location of origin is not supported by any indications in the codex itself. It was most likely written in the southern German region (within the community of Augustinian hermits). (lan)
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.5076/e-codices-sbe-0629
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