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armarium codicum bibliophilorum
Cod. 108
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Manuscript Title
Book of hours from Paris
Parchment · 192 ff. · 20.7 x 14 cm · Paris · around 1410
Latin, French
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This book of hours, addressed to a woman, contains an entry that can only be read in ultraviolet light (f. 27v) and that mentions a Jaquette de la Barre; she probably was part of the Parisian family of organ builders who, between 1401 and 1404, built the organ of Notre-Dame. The miniatures were created around 1410 by a leading Parisian master, who can be identified as the Master of the Mazarin. Subsequently, borders were added to the manuscript, probably by a Provençal hand. Several scenes stand out from the conventional iconographic program: instead of the penance of David, there is the glory of Christ on Judgment Day (f. 101r); instead of the Mass for the dead, there is the Raising of Lazarus (f. 141r); also unusual is the depiction of the prayer of St. Jerome (f. 139v) in the full vestments of a cardinal. (ber)
Standard description:
Standard description
König Eberhard, Das Pariser Stundenbuch an der Schwelle zum 15. Jahrhundert. Die Heures de Joffroy und weitere unbekannte Handschriften, Ramsen Antiquariat Heribert Tenschert 2011, S. 256-279.
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10.5076/e-codices-utp-0108 (
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Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 108: Book of hours from Paris (
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