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armarium codicum bibliophilorum
Cod. 110
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Manuscript Title
Book of hours by the Master of Charles VIII – possibly a supplement to Utopia Cod. 111
Parchment · 149 ff. · 18 x 12.5 cm · Paris · around 1495-98
Latin, French
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
In addition to the unusual book for King Charles VIII described in Utopia Cod. 111, there is another book of hours that was painted by the same artist. Its border decoration remained incomplete, and all the large images follow not the usual canon of images for books of hours, but instead depict unconventional motifs. What strikes the eye in both manuscripts is the motif of the family tree of Adam, which creates an optical link between the volumes and which is not found in other of the book decorator’s manuscripts. The almost identical mass of foliage also suggests that the two volumes could belong together, produced for the king at a certain time interval from one another. The premature and unexpected death of Charles VIII after his accident at the Château d’Amboise may explain why the second manuscript was never completed. (net)
Standard description:
Standard description
Ina Nettekoven: Ein Pariser Stundenbuch mit ikonographisch extrem ausgefallenen Miniaturen vom Meister Karls VIII. In: Leuchtendes Mittelalter Neue Folge VI. - 35 Stundenbücher aus Paris und den französischen Regionen im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert, Nr. 23, Antiquariat Bibermühle, Kat. 61 (2009), H. Tenschert (Hg.), 384-401.
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10.5076/e-codices-utp-0110 (
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Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 110: Book of hours by the Master of Charles VIII – possibly a supplement to Utopia Cod. 111 (
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15th century, 16th century
Figurative, Full Page, Fully Painted, Gold / Silver, Line Filler, Margin, Ornamental
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Liturgica christiana
Book of hours
18th century
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