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Location: St. Gallen
Library / Collection: Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung
Shelfmark: VadSlg Ms. 295
Manuscript title: Antiphonary, Sacramentary
Caption: Parchment · 192 ff. · 19 x 12,5 cm · St. Gall · 11th century
Language: Latin
Manuscript summary: This small-format volume from the 11th century combines a calendar, a gradual with neumes, and sung parts of the Mass with a sacramentary containing the prayers of the Mass. It was likely written in the Abbey of St. Gall; in the late middle ages it was moved to the chapel of Peter and Paul in Rotmonten near St. Gall. Numerous entire leaves and parts of leaves containing decorated initials have been cut out. (gam)
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier): 10.5076/e-codices-vad-0295
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