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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek

The Central Library of Solothurn is a cantonal, municipal and regional library. Its collection of printed books, including about 1,000 incunabula, is among the most extensive library holdings in Switzerland. With about 100 medieval manuscripts and a much larger number of early modern materials, the Central Library of Solothurn has diverse but comparatively less extensive holdings of manuscripts. These volumes had previously been locally owned by private persons or religious institutions (among others the Monastery of St. Ursus, the Franciscan Monastery, the Jesuit College in Solothurn, the family libraries of von Roll, vom Staal, Wagner, Besenval, Glutz). The historical collection has supra-regional significance and is an essential part of the cultural and historical heritage of the canton and of the city of Solothurn; it is one of the most significant collections in Switzerland and in the Southwestern part of the German-speaking region.

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S II 43
Paper · 450 + II ff. · 30.8 x 26 cm · Hagenau · around 1460
“Historienbibel” from the workshop of Diebold Lauber ('vom Staal-Story Bible')

The Solothurn history Bible (“Historienbibel”) was created in 1460 in the workshop of Diebold Lauber in Hagenau (Alsace). This prestigious piece of work may have been comissioned by Solothurn City Clerk Hans vom Stall (1419-1499). In 1763 the book was acquired by the Solothurn City Library as a part of the von Staal family library. (hol)

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S II 72
Parchment · 179 ff. · 34 x 24 cm · Alsace? · 12th century
Petrus Lombardus, Liber sententiarum I-IV

An early textual witness of Peter Lombard’s († 1160) Sententiae, created perhaps even while the important Scholastic was still alive. Probably written in an Alsatian scriptorium, the manuscript was at Schönenwerd chapter of canons in the 15th century and was rebound by the bookbinder Woldaricus. (hol)

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S II 151
Parchment · 4 ff. · 17.5-33.5 x 19-28 cm · France: Tours · early 9th century
Biblia latina: Vulgata, recensio Alcuini (fragment)

Remnants of an Alcuin's Bible from the Dominican Monastery of Bern, which were used around 1495 by the bookbinder Johannes Vatter as pastedowns for various incunables that are currently held in Bern and Solothurn. After the secularization of the monastery in 1528, the host volume reached Solothurn; it was first held in the library of the St. Ursus Monastery, after its secularization in the cantonal library, one of the predecessors of the current Solothurn Central Library. Reunification of the fragments: [sine loco], codices restituti, Cod. 5 (Biblia latina). (mit)

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S II 154
Parchment · 4 ff. · 45.5 x 35 cm · Eastern France? (Bernhard Bischoff, following Schönherr) · middle of the 9th century (Schönherr)
Biblia latina (Vulgata recensione Theodulfi). Fragmenta.

Fewer than ten textual witnesses of Theodulf of Orléans’ († 821) version of the Vulgata have survived. Numerous fragments of such a 9th century Theodulf Bible from the collegiate church of St. Ursus in Solothurn, where it was cut up and used as binding material, have been preserved in the state archives of Solothurn and the central library of Solothurn. Virtual reunification of the fragments: [sine loco], codices restituti, Cod. 3 (Biblia Theodulfi Fragmenta). (hol)

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S III 1
Parchment and paper · 313 ff. · 45 x 31 cm · Upper Rhine area · 14th century (around 1320-1330)
Graduale Fratrum Minorum

This Franciscan Gradual was produced between 1320 and 1330 in a scriptorium in the Upper Rhine area. It was originally the property of the Franciscan monastery in Solothurn, where it remained in use until the 18th century. (hol)

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Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S III 13
Parchment · 400 ff. · 46.5 x 33. 5 cm · 1556/1559
Graduale de tempore

The illuminator Claudio Rofferio († ca. 1567) was an Augustinian canon. Originally from the Aosta Valley, he was active in various regions; from 1539 until about 1544 he created a series of illuminated manuscripts for the Cistercian Abbey of Altenberg near Cologne. From about 1550 until after 1560, he worked for various monasteries and religious institutions in Switzerland, such as Beromünster, Muri, Schönenwerd and St. Urban. For Schönenwerd chapter of canons he wrote and illuminated this representative Gradual, dated to the years 1556 and 1559. (hol)

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