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Country of Location
St. Gallen
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Library / Collection
Cod. Sang. 1290
Manuscript Title:
Manuscript Title
Responsoriale of the St. Gall Monk Jakob an der Rüti
Paper · 147 ff. · 19.5 x 15 cm · St. Gall · 1582
Latin, German
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript was written by the St. Gall monk Jakob an der Rüti (1562-1615), probably for private use. The first part (f. 1r-125r) contains responsories for the principal feast days of the liturgical year with melodies in German plainsong notation ("Hufnagelnotation") and often with directions for processions. These are followed by directions regarding the location of certain Vespers (f. 126r-128r), more directions on the order of processions f. 128v-136v), melodies for the doxology (f. 139r-140v), directions for the Vespers of the boy abbot (abbas scholasticus) on the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist and on the eve of the Feast of the Circumcision (f. 140v-147v), as well as prayers for processions (f. 150r-155v). Jakob an der Rüti decorated the manuscript with several somewhat clumsy pen sketches and borders (full-page decoration f. 1r, 58v-59r and 77v-78r, also representations of figures in initials). On f. 126r he gives his name in initials (F.I.A.R.), on f. 125r his name is written out (erased, legible under UV-light: Per me fratrem Jacobum An der Rüti …um Anno 1582). (sno)
Standard description:
Standard description
Scherrer Gustav, Verzeichniss der Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen, Halle 1875, S. 443-444.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-csg-1290 (
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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 1290: Responsoriale of the St. Gall Monk Jakob an der Rüti (
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