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Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne
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Composite manuscript containing texts on the history of the abbeys of Bellelay and Lucelle
Paper · II + 242 pp. · 22 x 18 cm · 1839
Latin, French
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Manuscript Summary
This composite manuscript is dated 1839 (p. V2) and contains texts about the history of the abbeys of Bellelay and Lucelle; it was compiled by Joseph Trouillat when he was librarian at the college of Porrentruy: De Bellegagiensi monasterio (pp. 1-7); Relation de l’invation de l’abbaye de Bellelay par les troupes françaises 15 novembre 1797 par le père Voirol - this name was crossed out and replaced by that of Marcel Helg, former monk at Bellelay (pp. 8-61); Notes diverses sur Bellelay by Father Voirol (pp. 61-102), followed by seal impressions and coats of arms pasted on (p. 105) or painted (pp. 111, 113, 115, 117); Notes sur l'ancienne abbaye de Lucelle, in Latin with notes in French and with painted coats of arms of various abbots (pp. 121-220) as well as affixed seals (p. 192) and a wax seal (p. 208); various French translations of Latin documents, carried out by abbot Grégoire Voirol (pp. 221-236). (rer)
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10.5076/e-codices-bcj-A2037 (
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Porrentruy, Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne, A2037: Composite manuscript containing texts on the history of the abbeys of Bellelay and Lucelle (
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Gustave Amweg, Bibliographie du Jura bernois, ancien évêché de Bâle, Porrentruy, 1928 (no 2037, p. 130)

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