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Romanische Bibliothek des Klosters Disentis
M 156
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Five dramas from the Upper Engadin
Paper · 170 ff. · 19 x 13 / 20 x 16 cm · 1st part (ff. 1-78) 1623, 2nd part (ff. 79b-136b) 1618, 3rd part (ff. 1371-164a) 1620
Romansch language
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript contains five dramas from the Upper Engadin [La histoargia dalg filg pertz] f. 1a-36a (the beginning is missing, only surviving textual witness); üna historgia da hechastus f. 36a-78b (only surviving textual witness); [La histoargia da Joseph], f. 79b-99a; Vna bela senchia historgia da questa sainchia duonna süsanna (…) f. 100a-136b (oldest manuscript of this text), VNA BELA HISTORGIA dauart la Mur dalg Cchiaualÿr valantin et Eaglantina filgia dalg Araig Papin, f. 137a-164a (only surviving textual witness); f. 164b fragment of a song: Baruns ludat ilg Signer (= Chiampell, Psalm 29). The scribe of this manuscript is Peder Traviers (in various forms). The dating of the individual parts is based on indications by the scribe, which are usually found at the end of the piece. (dar)
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10.5076/e-codices-bkd-M0156 (
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Disentis, Romanische Bibliothek des Klosters Disentis, M 156: Five dramas from the Upper Engadin (
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