St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Lat.F.papyr. I.1
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Kisseleva Ludmila, National Library of Russia, Manuscript Department, 2012.

Titre du manuscrit: Fragmentum Sermonis Augustini
Période: late 7th century
Support: Papyrus
Volume: One papyrus folio
Format: (300 x 210/215 mm)
Etat: Upper right corner is torn off.
Mise en page: 29 lines of text
Type d'écritures et copistes:
  • in uncial writing of the late 7th century, black ink.
  • The punctuation (full-stops and commas) is without doubt original. The words were divided in the 8th century.
Ajouts: There is a marginal note on the page left in the 9th century by Flore Diacre.
  • The text begins with: agitur in stadio sumus, … and ends with: exserat seueritate[m] suam, it represents an extract from the 351th Sermon of St. Augustin (MPL XXXIX 1542-1543).
Provenance du manuscrit:
  • The Maurists used in their edition the manuscript „Phimarconensis, codex corticeus“ which is identified as Ms. BNF Lat. 11641. During that edition our fragment was placed between ff. 26 and 27.
  • Montfaucon bought part of this manuscript for the St. Germain Abbey.
  • In 1791 one folio was acquired by the Russian collector P. P. Dubrovskiy.
Acquisition du manuscrit: In 1805 it was acquired by the Imperial Public Library (now the National Library of Russia) together with his whole collection.