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December 2011, Issue N° 4 
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e-codices Newsletter

The e-codices newsletter provides information about the latest updates, highlights, and activities of our project and appears about 4 times per year.

We are delighted to count you among our readers!

The e-codices team
December 2011


The Patience of Job
12th-century manuscript leaf in Cleveland reunited with Engelberg Codex after over 150 years

Described in Stadler’s manuscript catalogue from 1787 as the frontispiece to volume I of the Engelberg Codex 20 that contains the Moralia in Iob, the isolated leaf held by the Cleveland Museum of Art can now be accessed together with the codex on e-codices. The Cleveland leaf portrays two scenes painted in a muted palette of red and green. In the scene on top, Job sits in a pool of misery and is mocked by his three comrades at his side. His patient suffering characterizes Job as a model of piety and faith. The lower scene reveals Gregory the Great calmly dictating to his scribe, the deacon Peter. Their discourse is symbolized by the scroll that they share between them.

Swiss Manuscripts Abroad

With the integration of the Engelberg leaf of the Cleveland Museum of Art on e-codices, the first Swiss manuscript held outside Switzerland has been added to the Virtual Manuscript Library. e-codices is planning to make available further manuscripts written in Switzerland but held outside the country in the upcoming updates.

New Features

Three new facets on the e-codices website
The e-codices website welcomes three new facets to provide a more efficient research experience. In addition to the current facets, the user can now search for “illuminated” manuscripts, “dated” manuscripts, as well as manuscripts that contain “musical notation.”


External Links
On the overview page, e-codices has recently established a link to manuscripts included in the Cantus Database. This database assembles indices of the Latin ecclesiastical chants found in early manuscript and printed sources for the liturgical Office.
overview_page cantus

e-codices manuscripts now available on e-lib.ch, the Swiss Electronic Library


All manuscripts from the e-codices website can now be accessed through the Swiss Electronic Library, or e-lib.ch, the Swiss portal for electronic information research. It offers a single point of access for researchers and includes the extensive holdings of Swiss libraries and other institutions. This important portal increases e-codices availability on a grand scale.

New Content

The e-codices Virtual Manuscript Library continues to grow and expand. Most recently, 31 new manuscripts have been added to the e-codices website. These most recent additions include manuscripts from the Ministerialbibliothek in Schaffhausen, the Stiftsbibliothek in Einsiedeln, and the Stiftsarchiv in St. Gallen. With these new additions, the total number of manuscripts featured on the e-codices website has climbed to 864 from 35 different libraries.


One of the manuscripts recently added to the website is the Tractatus de medicina (Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, Codex 32), a composite manuscript made up of sections from three datable periods: the first from the 10th century and the other two from the 12th century. The first section (p. 1-222) contains glosses on Priscian. The second (p. 223-310) contains a selection of medical tracts assembled by Constantinus Africanus and is in fact a copy of the original Montecassino manuscript, which was lost in World War II. The third section (p. 310-357) contains the Liber Tegni by Galen.

Greetings from the Contributing Editor

Hello, readers! My name is Marie Wicks and I am very pleased to write this edition of the e-codices newsletter following what has been a thrilling stay in Fribourg, Switzerland. At my home in Mississippi, I am studying International Studies, French, and Chemistry at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. This semester I traveled to study French language and literature at the University of Fribourg.

The highlight of my Swiss adventure has been my internship with e-codices. I have had the opportunity to learn about the remarkable process that can take an ancient manuscript from a distant library archive in Switzerland and present its images online to be accessible for the rest of the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I have chosen some nice Christmas images from the e-codices database. If you click on these, you can send the page to a friend's email:


Trogen, Kantonsbibliothek
Appenzell Ausserrhoden, CM
Ms. 8, fol. 32r: Book of Hours
from Paris, second quarter
of the 16th century


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek,
Cod. Sang. 340, p. 242:
Calendar, Gradual, Sacramentary,
third quarter of the 11th century