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Ministerialbibliothek, Min. 18
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Augustinus, In Johannis evangelium tractatus
Parchment · 265 ff. · 36 x 25.5 cm · Schaffhausen · 1080-1096
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Manuscript Summary
A parchment copy of Augustine's treatise on the Gospel of John, which was produced shortly after 1080 in the scriptorium of the monastery of Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen. The manuscript contains numerous initials with scroll ornaments, a decorated page in colors and gold with an initial I in the margin and a historiated C (Last Supper) in gold, in which the influence of the manuscripts of Reichenau can be observed. Along with Min. 4, Min. 18 is one of the most important codices from the prime of Allerheiligen, when the monastery, founded in 1049, supported, under Abbot Siegfried (d. 1096), the reforms of Hirsau and, for this purpose established a library. (spe)
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Standard description
Gamper Rudolf / Knoch-Mund Gaby / Stähli Marlis, Katalog der mittelalterlichen Handschriften der Ministerialbibliothek Schaffhausen, Dietikon-Zürich 1994, S. 102-103.
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Additional description
Bruckner Albert, Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica 6, Schreibschulen der Diözese Konstanz: Kloster Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen, Genf 1952, S. 93-94.
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10.5076/e-codices-sbs-min0018 (
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Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Ministerialbibliothek, Min. 18: Augustinus, In Johannis evangelium tractatus (
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M. Bernasconi Reusser, Handschriften und Inschriften des 11./12. Jahrhunderts aus dem Kloster Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen, in: Scriptorium. Wesen. Funktion. Eigenheiten, Comité International de paléographie latine, XVIII. Kolloquium St. Gallen 2013, hrsg. von A. Nievergelt, R. Gamper, M. Bernasconi Reusser, B. Ebersperger, E. Tremp, München 2015, SS. 339-356: 344-345, 351-352, 354.

Szkiet Christine, Reichenauer Codices in Schaffhausen. Die frühen Handschriften des Schaffhauser Allerheiligenklosters und ihre Stellung in der südwestdeutschen Buchmalerei des 11. Jahrhunderts, Kieler Kunsthistorische Studien N. F. 9, Kiel, 2005.

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