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Staatsarchiv Graubünden
B 1
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Lucidarius, Konstanzer Weltchronik and Zürcher Chronik from the 15th century
Paper · 191 ff. · 20.5 x 14 cm · area of the diocese of Constance · end of the 15th century
Middle High German
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript contains three different texts: The German Lucidarius (1r-32v), a didactic dialogue between master and student, is a Middle High German prose work written around 1190, which presents the contemporary theological and scientific knowledge of its time. The Constance World Chronicle (Konstanzer Weltchronik) (117r-150v) is a brief universal historical compendium, probably written in Konstanz in the 14th century. The Zurich Chronicle (Zürcher Chronik) (153r-191r), the oldest version of which dates from the 14th century, belongs to the genre of late medieval German city chronicles. The manuscript was written in the area of the diocese of Constance. The original owner was the not further identified Hans von Endiner. In the 18th century, the manuscript was owned by Georg Litzel, theologian and philologist from Ulm. How it found its way to Chur is unknown. (dec)
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10.5076/e-codices-sag-B0001 (
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Chur, Staatsarchiv Graubünden, B 1: Lucidarius, Konstanzer Weltchronik and Zürcher Chronik from the 15th century (
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15th century
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